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Source carbon credits in a few clicks

Sequester carbon in Brazil

The Aperam BioEnergia Biochar Project cultivates eucalyptus forests and enriches their soil with high quality biochar. This removes carbon from the atmosphere, and promotes the development of local flora, fauna, and communities.

Price per tonne:


Tonnes Available:


10 Sustainable Development Goals impacted
Restore wild mangroves in Myanmar (1).jpg
Restore wild mangroves in Myanmar

The Reforestation and Restoration of Degraded Mangrove Lands Project
is restoring 2,265 ha of mangrove, helping the coastal ecosystem flourish.

Price per tonne:


Tonnes Available:


9 Sustainable Development Goals impacted
Drive Ukraine’s energy transition (1).jpg
Drive Ukraine’s energy transition

The Ovind Wind Farm Project is helping reduce Ukraine’s dependence on fossil fuels, while also creating economic opportunities in Odesa.

Price per tonne:


Tonnes Available:


3 Sustainable Development Goals impacted
Prevent Congolese deforestation (1).jpg
Prevent Congolese deforestation

The North Pikounda REDD+ Project protects 55,950 ha of forest from logging, preserving biodiversity and conserving part of the lungs of Africa.

Price per tonne:


Tonnes Available:


2 Sustainable Development Goals impacted
Transform India’s energy grid (1).jpg
Transform India’s energy grid

The Wind Power Project in Gujarat State is helping transition India’s energy grid, which in 2022 only met 4% of its total energy demand via wind.

Price per tonne:


Tonnes Available:


3 Sustainable Development Goals impacted
Permanently store carbon in the ocean

Limenet uses novel ocean alkalinity enhancement technology to store CO₂ from the air in the ocean. This revolutionary form of CDR uses bicarbonates to draw down atmospheric carbon and store it permanently.

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Price per tonne:


Tonnes Available:




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carbon procurement
via API

The Carbonmark API allows you to programmatically access over 20 million verified carbon credits.

Automate your organization’s carbon procurement, or build applications that enable carbon offsetting with our open API.

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Enabling next generation carbon markets

Carbonmark’s mission is to provide a platform that serves as a gateway to aggregated environmental markets, facilitating the flow of value and information across them for the benefit of our planet, people, and economy.

To learn more about Carbonmark, and how its technology can play in accelerating the velocity of the carbon markets by addressing key market challenges, download our 2024 report entitled ‘Enabling next generation carbon markets’.

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